Zookeeper Report…Tigers at Play

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Kya and Taj, sisters at play


We thought it would be great to share a picture of our Bengal tigers, Kya and Taj at play.  Kya and Taj are sisters and came to us as cubs from World Wildlife Zoo in Phoenix, AZ!  As you can see they have adapted to our New England weather and enjoy playtime out in the snow.  Like many animals, they love fresh snow and can be seen pouncing on each other during playtime!


  1. I have visited Southwick’s Zoo before and have seen Kya and Taj, though it was a long time ago. More recently though, I have been researching the inbreeding of white tigers (there is an article on my website, animalethicsri.weebly.com that shows what I’ve learned and what my view is). I’m concerned about going to Southwick’s Zoo again if the zoo is involved in any support of the white tiger breeding industry, either by purchasing white tigers or breeding them. For the zoo keepers, have any ever shared my concern?

    • Southwick's Zoo says:

      Hi Becky, While we do have a white tiger, we do not support the breeding of them and both of our tigers are fixed. We have a sign by their habitat addressing the controversy and explaining that white tigers do not typically appear in the wild, do not have an endangered species plan, and that their breeding is discouraged since it does not promote genetic diversity. Our white tigers were not born here at Southwick’s Zoo, and actually came from another zoo that did not have space for the cubs. We weren’t actually specifically looking for tigers, white or otherwise, at the time but they needed somewhere to go and we had room.

  2. Maryanne Lucier says:

    Happy Global Tiger Day from Ellen, Teddy and Ruddy!

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