Lion Cub Stalking

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She needs a name!


  1. Anisa…………………………its Swahili and means graceful

  2. Jessica Carson says:

    I think her name should be Zeenah

  3. Chris Yabroudy says:

    Southwick’s Zoo,

    I hear the zoo is looking to name a female lion cub. My thought is..Maya. Maya Angelou is an inspirational poet to me, went through hardship and rose a champion. Looking at those cubs in the paper, L J, and Maya seem like a perfect fit.

    Thank you, hope u like it
    Chris Yabroudy

  4. you should name her Emma because my dog who past away was named Emma

  5. I think Caitlyn would be nice. It means pure and I just named my only daughter this variation of this name. I think its beautiful as this female lion cub is!

    • Southwick's Zoo says:

      Thanks, Jennifer! We actually already named our lion cub. Her name is Levannah– a combination of her parents’ names, Leroy and Savannah.

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