Zookeeper Report 6/22/13

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You may have noticed our peacocks roaming around the zoo.  Many of our guests have commented “Your Peacock escaped the zoo!”  This is because they have free range on our entire zoo property including inside and outside the zoo!  They especially love to posture and display in the zoo parking lot first thing in the morning right next to the entrance doors and you may find them many times there late afternoon as people leave for the day!  Their plumage is full at this time of year and they will start to drop the feathers as the summer winds down.  They display mainly for mating purposes but sometimes they will display to intimidate to appear bigger when startled.  Our peacocks enjoy roosting on top of our entrance building…so look up when you enter.  They love to give out a loud call early mornings and throughout the day.  Our peacocks especially love windows, mirrors or shiny surfaces where they can see and peck at themselves!  We do ask that you please do not chase them as this is their home and if you’re lucky you may see them walking right through the entrance building…they think they own the place!


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