Zookeeper Report

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Squirrel Monkey photo 1

Now that the season is over, we are starting to move our tropical animals (birds, monkeys, alligator, capybaras, tortoises, kangaroos, etc.) into their indoor winter habitats.  Many of our visitors ask where the animals go in the winter…some seem to think we ship the animals to Florida! Hmm, we are not sure where this rumor started but it is FALSE and all of our animals stay HERE!  We just move the ones who need more heated areas indoors to their winter habitats here on property.  As a matter of fact,  our construction team is finishing up new winter primate / tropical animals quarters.  It has been a big project and much needed.  We are really excited about the new, larger indoor habitats for the tropicals and a new food prep area as well. We have just finished the indoor alligator habitat with more space and a bigger pool for our big boy….he IS a big gator.  It takes a team of 10 men to transfer the alligator and aldabra tortoises (who are at least 150 years old!) to their indoor quarters. Thank you to our visitors for helping us with this new building, it is your admission to the zoo that made it possible!  We may only be open for 6 months, but we care and maintain the animals for a year on 6 months income…so again THANK YOU for visiting us this season!


  1. Thank you to the wonderful zookeepers for all that you do! Without you where would the animals be? Without you, there is no zoo! God Bless everyone at Southwick’s Zoo for the wonderful work you do! Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

  2. Maryann DeCell says:

    Thank you for taking wonderful care of all the animals.

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