Zookeeper Report

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Kya taking in scent!

We are working hard getting the animals into their summer exhibits.  The weather has been a little chilly so some of our birds and monkeys will have to stay inside for a little bit…but it is getting warmer each day so we are able to bring out more animals each day!  The lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos, chimpanzees, deer forest, kangaroos and so many more are already out! This picture of Kya our bengal tiger is catching a scent…hmm could it be our visitors perhaps?  Come on down for a visit…the animals are waiting for you!


  1. Absolutely LOVE your zoo! we come from RI as often as we can. Saw a paper across from the cubs for a naming contest for the female. I can’t find this on your website. However if its not too late, I would like to enter SOLE’. Pronounced so-lay. It means sun as she is golden like the sun.

  2. I love tigers i have a kat that looks like a tiger he is ORANGE and white and he loves taking showers and can i try and name Boo.

    • Southwick's Zoo says:

      Hi Jianna, unfortunately our naming contest is closed. We hope you were able to drop by the Zoo and enter your name into the drawing!

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