Zookeeper Report

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Zookeeping is an amazing profession.  We work some of the most amazing creatures on the planet and with it are definite highs and lows.  We have tremendous respect for the animals and all of the people working to make a difference in the world with their conservation efforts to make sure generations to come will be able to learn and advocate for wildlife.  When working with animals we celebrate many births and sadly, many losses as well.  In order for many facilities and species to have a sustainable future, we have to move animals to other facilities for many reasons including breeding, specialized care, space, genetic diversity, etc.  Very shortly, one of our young male giraffes “Rocket” will be moved to another zoo in Wisconsin.  Although we will miss him very much, we know it is in his best interest and in the best interest of the other giraffes to move him now while he is young and will be able to bond with his new giraffe family and care givers.

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