Zookeeper Report

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max1Meet Maximus “Max” born 4/3/14 to mom Pinda and father Midas.  Max is the third giraffe born here at the zoo since January joining siblings (from Midas) Daisy born 1/11/14 and Rocket born 2/19/14.  Max’s mother Pinda is a great mom and they are both doing well.  Unfortunately, Daisy and Rocket’s mothers (Dotty & Mazey) did not bond with their calves and therefore would not let them nurse so their milk and colostrum dried up quickly causing us to take them to Tufts Cummings School where they received the vital antibodies and nutrients needed for survival.  We are happy to report that they are doing great and are growing tall and strong.  Max will stay with Pinda as long as she continues to nurse and do well.  We hope the weather is warm enough to be able to let all the calves out into the outdoor yard…fingers crossed!  We have been really busy getting all our animals’ outdoor homes ready for the zoo opening this Saturday.  The weather is looking good so today we focused on the kangaroo, capybara and monkey exhibits!

Hope to see you this weekend for opening!

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