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Happy Valentine’s Day!  When working with animals, there are definitely times when “Love is in the Air” around here!  We are proud of our successful breeding programs here at the zoo and for those who do not breed, successful companion relationships.  The picture above is of our Watusi (Ankole Cattle) native to Africa.  As you can see they handle the winter very well!  The male is larger in weight and stature, but the female has longer horns.  This pair had a very beautiful calf born last summer and many of our guests were able to witness the amazing birth.  As many of you know, we recently had a few babies born like Daisy the giraffe and a pair of African Crested Porcupines.  We’ve also had a llama born and a Debrazza guenon.  As zookeepers we are very lucky to be able to witness these exciting events and to care for these wonderful animals…and we are expecting a few more babies before we open!  Again, THANK YOU for sharing our love for animals on this cold, snowy Valentine’s Day!  We are looking for some towels, boomer balls and blankets as donations for the animals!


  1. Hello!

    Would you ever let a student photographer come and photograph the animals? Or do a “Day in the Life of a Zookeeper” photo story? I would really love an opportunity to photograph some wild animals on a calm, intimate opportunity.

    I love following this diary, the animals look amazing, healthy and happy.

    • Southwickszoo Admin says:

      Glad to hear you are a fan of the zoo! We receive a number of requests from photographers this time of year, but we actually can’t allow people into the zoo during the winter months. It’s rather difficult to get around the zoo due to the uneven terrain paired with ice, and our insurance doesn’t cover visitors during the off season. However, if you would be interested in coming during the spring (we’ll be opening back up on April 12) we could try to work something out! Feel free to send me an email at rebecca@southwickszoo.com.

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