What Does Your Favorite Animal Say About You?

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As young as kindergarten, children are asked the question, “What’s your favorite animal?”Your Favorite Animal, Southwick's Zoo, Mendon, MAThe first day of school, kids often fill out small fact sheets about themselves including their favorite animal and color. It seems like a simple way to get children to make friends and remember each other. However, your favorite animal actually says more about you than you may think.

Want to test this theory?  Let’s try it now. Take a moment to think of your top three favorite animals in order. Write them down so you don’t forget.

Your Number One Favorite Animal

Once you’ve picked your first animal, try to describe it. What are some of the qualities that you associate with your favorite animal?  Basically, what is it about this animal that makes it your favorite animal?

Your favorite animal supposedly represents how you believe other people see you.  Take a moment and imagine what you hope or believe other people’s opinions are of you. Is there any kind of overlap in how you think other people see you and the words you used to describe your favorite animal? For example, if your favorite animal is a horse because they are strong and hardworking, this theory claims that you hope others think of you as are strong and hardworking as well.

Your Number Two Favorite Animal

Let’s try a similar exercise with your second favorite animal. Think of the characteristics you associate with it. Number two on your favorite animal list is supposed to represent what you think about yourself. Usually, your favorite animals are just that because you see good characteristics in them. Hopefully, these characteristics represent the good qualities you see in the mirror.

Your Number Three Favorite Animal

Understanding your own identity is not easy. It is supposedly for this reason that people have a hard time coming up with their third favorite animal. The third favorite animal is speculated to represent who you actually are.

Perhaps your top three favorite animals say a lot about you, perhaps not. Either way, our team at Southwick Zoo wants to hear about which animals are your favorites. Contacts us to share what you’ve discovered, or come visit your favorite animals at our Zoo!

Did this test prove to be accurate? Why do you love your favorite animal?

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