The Benefits of School Field Trips

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Dig into those childhood memories. As images of permission slips and yellow school buses dance in your head, do you remember the excitement you felt when the words “school field trip” were mentioned?

As a student, the main benefits of school field trips were, ‘no class for the day’ and ‘less homework!’  However, in retrospect, many can attest to the fact that these aren’t the only benefits of a school field trip.  In fact, there are many benefits of school field trips for developing children.

Engaging students with educational content does not always have to be done through textbooks.  School field trips are beneficial because they serve as a great way to further develop material that is being taught in the classroom.  School field trips are stimulating, exhilarating, and interesting!   The dynamics of a school field trip transport children into a new environment and allow them to explore educational content in a different way.

School field trips really are beneficial.  The following article from Livestrong  provides some great reasons as to why school field trips are so beneficial.

 Hands-On Learning

Students visiting different educational facilities learn in a more hands-on and interactive manner than they do in school. Science museums, for example, often have displays that children can touch to help them understand the material that is being covered. Zoos, nature centers and botanical gardens show kids animal and plant life up close, and often have areas where kids can touch displays, such as petting zoos and interactive computer programs.


According to the Children’s Health Education Center, field trips give children a welcome break in routine. Kids can look forward to and prepare for the field trip for several days or weeks, spend the day in a different environment, then complete a lesson on the topic covered after the trip is over. Learning in assorted ways can appeal to varied learning styles, helping children to succeed whether they are visual, auditory or kinetic learners.

Exposure to New Things

Children learn about different professions, ideas and opportunities when they travel outside their own neighborhoods. A field trip can awaken the desire in a child to try new things and pursue previously unconsidered dreams. According to Trails, field trips can introduce children to job opportunities and can spark new interests and passions.

Service to Others

During service-oriented field trips, kids learn about helping others in the community. The community also benefits both from the work that the kids do as part of the trip, and from any further volunteering that the children do as a result of the trip.

Better Grades and Understanding

According to the Nevada Natural Resource Education Council, field trips can result in greater achievement in all subjects. By seeing real-life application of the lessons that they are learning in school, children might be more likely to understand and appreciate the importance and relevance of what they are learning.

Clearly there are many benefits of a school field trip, as well as endless places to visit on a school field trip.  So, to all you teachers out there, diversify and strengthen your curriculum by allowing your students to realize the benefits of school field trips.

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