Zookeepers Report

Wow!  We sure were busy this summer and the animals are doing great adjusting to the winter months.  The Big Cats enjoy the brisk weather and the falling leaves.  We’ve had a few babies born recently. We’ve had to hand raise an African Crested Porcupine that was born on Sept 8th and twin Patagonian Cavies born Oct. 14th. We weren’t sure if the Cavies were going to make it, but under the steadfast dedication of Rowland Gravel and the Southwick’s Zoo & Earth Discovery Center’s team, they are now thriving! We’d like to thank the volunteers from Uxbridge School District for helping rake and make animal enrichment activites! Pictures: African Crested Porcupine, with children’s author Valarie Giogas, and a baby Patagonian Cavy.