Zookeeper Report…Tigers at Play

Kya and Taj, sisters at play


We thought it would be great to share a picture of our Bengal tigers, Kya and Taj at play.  Kya and Taj are sisters and came to us as cubs from World Wildlife Zoo in Phoenix, AZ!  As you can see they have adapted to our New England weather and enjoy playtime out in the snow.  Like many animals, they love fresh snow and can be seen pouncing on each other during playtime!

Some Wonderful Pictures from Laura Vear

Laura Vear – a long time advocate of Southwick’s Zoo and good friend, took some wonderful pictures and we would like to share them with you..  Some of these photos and more are on sale in the Purple Peacock Gift Shop.

Copyrighted by Laura Vear, Bitteroot Photography 

K. Smith Learns About the Baby Tiger!

I love Southwick’s Zoo. I was lucky to visit on a special day where we learned about the baby tiger. It takes a lot of work to care for a tiger and we learned a lot about how important it is to protect our earth. Thank you Southwick’s Zoo and I can’t wait to visit again!” /K. Smith, 9 yrs old

Zookeeper’s Report

Zookeeper Ryan reports that there were 4 African Pygmy goats born on Wed Jan 20th to one mom.  All four are doing great and mom is wonderful! Here is Ryan checking on momma goat and her babies!

On the next row… is a recent picture of Patsy….she is getting anxious and ready to have her baby!  The borneo Bearded Pigs are in the same building as Patsy…look at their beautiful eyes!  The Tigers love to cuddle and play together!

Zookeepers Report

The Tigers are really loving their Wading Pool in this hot weather!  The girls can be seen swimming or lounging by the waterfall/pool on the hot days!  Tigers are one of the few cats who love water!  Dan, our Hoofstock/Big Cats/ Reptile keeper reports that our Reticulated Python (longest snake in the world) has reached a length of over 13 feet!  Here are some pictures taken of the reticulated python last week….isn’t she beautiful!