Zookeeper Report…Tigers at Play

Kya and Taj, sisters at play


We thought it would be great to share a picture of our Bengal tigers, Kya and Taj at play.  Kya and Taj are sisters and came to us as cubs from World Wildlife Zoo in Phoenix, AZ!  As you can see they have adapted to our New England weather and enjoy playtime out in the snow.  Like many animals, they love fresh snow and can be seen pouncing on each other during playtime!

Zookeeper Report post Blizzard 2013

Tibetan Yak after the Blizzard of 2013

We have to thank the grounds crew for keeping up with the snow!  We received over 30″ of snow during a 2 day period and snow removal is always an issue when there is so much of it!  Many of our animals who can go in and outdoors were seen out in the blizzard!  The Yaks and the Camels especially didn’t wait for us to clear out in front of their indoor enclosures, they did it all by themselves.  The lion took a venture outside once the sun came out and rolled about in the snow.  All our animals did great during the storm, it’s the human folk that are still digging out.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Zookeepers Michelle and Ruth Report

The snow can be a challenge for us zookeepers and for the animals!  Some absolutely love it, some don’t want to even go near it!  Enrichment Activities are very important during the winter where the animals may not get as much exercise as they would outside.  We’ve been doing all kinds of enrichment for the animals.  We’ve taken a run by Salvation Army to grab a lot of things for the animals to explore and discover.  We’ve made hay boxes stuffed with hidden “goodies”, usually special veggies!  We’ve used pvc pipes, clothing, cardboard boxes, water bottles filled with hidden items, and so much more.  We really appreicate everyone who has dropped off items for the animals, it really helps us during the winter!!  We’re always looking for enrichment ideas and donations!  You can contact us at primates@www.southwickszoo.com or for the cats and hoofed animals, zookeeper@www.southwickszoo.com if you have any questions!  We’ve taken these pictures last week, hope you enjoy them.