Zookeeper’s Report

Sorry for not posting this season yet!  We have been very busy getting the zoo ready for summer!  We’ve just opened a new Giraffe Habitat and our 2 1/2 yr old Molly Giraffe had to be acclimated to the new exhibit and her new friends Midas and Pina.  We are offering a Giraffe Encounter for $10.00 per person where you’ll learn about the giraffes and get up close to feed them!  This is a great program with a limited amount of tickets and we are so excited about our new exhibit.  On June 16th, our visitors and staff were able to watch a red deer being born right near the train station.  It was great that our visitors got to experience this amazing event. Here are some pictures as it happens.  Red deer momma is a great mom and she took care of her newborn right from birth to nudging the fawn up to suckle! What a beautiful moment and we wanted to share it with you!  There have been many other babies born and we are expecting a few more this coming summer, so stop by the zoo soon!