Some Wonderful Pictures from Laura Vear

Laura Vear – a long time advocate of Southwick’s Zoo and good friend, took some wonderful pictures and we would like to share them with you..  Some of these photos and more are on sale in the Purple Peacock Gift Shop.

Copyrighted by Laura Vear, Bitteroot Photography 

Zookeeper’s Report

The last few weeks have been really exciting here at the zoo, the babies are coming out more and are getting used to the people.  The primates are really social and love interacting with the visitors.  The big cats are loving the attention the humans provide and can be seen stalking and watching the visitors with keen interest.  The mommy chimp and baby have been out in their exhibit a lot lately due to the warm weather, such a sight to see…especially from the SkyFari sky ride!  We’d like to thank all of you who have dropped off donations or sent us donations through….it is greatly appreciated!  Thanks Again!

Here are some pictures we’ve taken from the zookeepers eye…aoudad famlily, chimp baby, & gibbon.

Primate Zookeeper Michelle Reports

We’ve had a very exciting week here at Southwick’s Zoo!  We’ve had a baby Mandrill born on 2/17/09, early in the morning.  Mom and baby are doing great!

Primate Zookeepers Michelle, Ruth, & Jess Report

We’ve had a Grivet Monkey born on December 31, 2008 and more recently a Schmidt’s Guenon baby born on January 11, 2009.  Moms and babies are doing great and they’re growing so fast. We’ve been focusing on enrichment for the primates and getting creative. We’ve made newspaper pinatas and stuffed boxes with hay and food treats, then wrapped them for the animals to open.  The primates were very interested in these items and especially had fun making a mess getting to the goodies!

All enrichment activities and food treats are approved by the veterinarian.

Primate Zookeeper Ruth & Michelle Report

It has been great watching the primates that like to go outside in the winter. If the weather is nice enough, the Chimpanzees, Mandrills, and Colobus Monkeys like to go outside.  Just after the last big snowfall, the male chimpanzee was trying to make his way outside towards his favorite tree.  He didn’t like getting his feet wet so he kept hopping from one foot to the other all the way to the tree!  It was such a funny sight and then one of our female chimpanzees followed in his exact footsteps!  How intelligent these animals are!