Primate Keeper Michelle reports

We’ve had a couple of monkeys born within the last 2 months, the babies and moms are doing great!  The Chimps and Mandrills love the snow!  Today was their first real taste of snow for the season, they like to come out and check it out then go back in where it is warm!! We’re looking for donations of blankets, towels, and sheets for the primates.  The chimps epecially love to walk around and wrap themselves in blankets! We’re also looking for a radio/cd player…they love music!  The hoofstock keepers are looking for a push broom, buckets, and feed pans from Nasco….we’ll take anything new or used! We’d like to thank everyone for their donations and holiday wishes for the animals, we have much to be thankful for!  Happy Holidays!

Zookeepers Report

The Zookeepers are pretty excited about the Animals & Pumpkins next week.  This is the first season that we will be open when the zookeepers give pumpkins to the animals and we’re all curious about what the animals will do with them! The zookeepers are asking for some fall produce donations for the animals for enrichment activities.  The zookeepers would like to thank everyone who have brought donations like blankets, toys, radios. etc. for the animals.   Cornstalks were donated by Whittier Farms last week and given to some of the animals.  The Mangabey monkeys ripped them apart, the capuchins played with them, some of the other animals tried to eat them…it was a great success! An African Crested Porcupine was born a couple of weeks ago and will spend some of his days at the Earth Discover Center when not with his foster family (momma porcupine wasn’t able to care for him).  He is so cute!

Zookeeper’s Report

Zookeeper Michelle reports that the monkeys are loving the warm weather and Tanzie (baby chimp) is getting more and more independent and it is a lot of fun watching her play with her family. The Kangaroos love lazing in the sun all day and we love this picture of one our kangaroos taking her afternooon  nap.  Zookeeper Marianne reports that we’ve had a lot of baby goats born in the last few weeks and Pot Bellied piglets were born on Friday, June 11th! The lions are loving the sunshine!

Zookeepers Report

Babies are being born here at Southwick’s Zoo!  Vervet Monkeys were born on December 29, 2009 and Jan 6, 2010.  Baby African Crested Porcupines were born on Jan 6, 2010, a Debrazza Monkey born November 15, 2009.  We’re still keeping a close watch on Patsy our Dromedary Camel….she is due to give birth this winter!  The Cats loved the last snowfall!  Some of our friends have asked us what we do with the alligator and tortoises in the winter?  We bring them indoors to the winter quarters housing for the animals that do not have proper indoor/outdoor enclosures.  The alligator enters a state of dormancy, kind of like a hibernation during the winter!  Here are some pictures of our recent babies!

Primate Zookeepers Michelle, Ruth, & Jess Report

We’ve had a Grivet Monkey born on December 31, 2008 and more recently a Schmidt’s Guenon baby born on January 11, 2009.  Moms and babies are doing great and they’re growing so fast. We’ve been focusing on enrichment for the primates and getting creative. We’ve made newspaper pinatas and stuffed boxes with hay and food treats, then wrapped them for the animals to open.  The primates were very interested in these items and especially had fun making a mess getting to the goodies!

All enrichment activities and food treats are approved by the veterinarian.

Primate Zookeeper Ruth & Michelle Report

It has been great watching the primates that like to go outside in the winter. If the weather is nice enough, the Chimpanzees, Mandrills, and Colobus Monkeys like to go outside.  Just after the last big snowfall, the male chimpanzee was trying to make his way outside towards his favorite tree.  He didn’t like getting his feet wet so he kept hopping from one foot to the other all the way to the tree!  It was such a funny sight and then one of our female chimpanzees followed in his exact footsteps!  How intelligent these animals are!