The Latraverse Family Enjoys a Day at the Zoo

We brought our 5 and 6 year old granddaughters to the zoo and they had a wonderful time. As photographers, we loved photographing your beautiful animals. Thank you for sharing the zoo with us all. ~ Latraverse Family

A Couple Great Photos from Rosanna Terrell

Rosanna Terrell submitted these photos of her visit here to Southwick’s Zoo!

Robbins Family Enjoys the Petting Zoo

This was my granddaughter’s first trip to the zoo and she loved it. She really enjoyed the petting zoo with the baby goats. She also went on her first swing in the playground and had a blast! Thank you for a wonderful day!” / Robbins Family, Millville MA

Zookeeper’s Report

Zookeeper Michelle reports that the monkeys are loving the warm weather and Tanzie (baby chimp) is getting more and more independent and it is a lot of fun watching her play with her family. The Kangaroos love lazing in the sun all day and we love this picture of one our kangaroos taking her afternooon  nap.  Zookeeper Marianne reports that we’ve had a lot of baby goats born in the last few weeks and Pot Bellied piglets were born on Friday, June 11th! The lions are loving the sunshine!

Zookeeper’s Report

Zookeeper Ryan reports that there were 4 African Pygmy goats born on Wed Jan 20th to one mom.  All four are doing great and mom is wonderful! Here is Ryan checking on momma goat and her babies!

On the next row… is a recent picture of Patsy….she is getting anxious and ready to have her baby!  The borneo Bearded Pigs are in the same building as Patsy…look at their beautiful eyes!  The Tigers love to cuddle and play together!