Karen Bailey Sent Us this Great Photo of Tanzie!

Karen Bailey enjoyed visiting the Chimpanzee Habitat; here is her submission of Tanzie, the baby chimp!

Some Wonderful Pictures from Laura Vear

Laura Vear – a long time advocate of Southwick’s Zoo and good friend, took some wonderful pictures and we would like to share them with you..  Some of these photos and more are on sale in the Purple Peacock Gift Shop.

Copyrighted by Laura Vear, Bitteroot Photography 

Gravel Family Loves SkyFari Ride!

We love the Skyfari Sky Ride. We were able to see a lot of animals, but the chimpanzees were our favorite. A great addition to your Zoo ! / Gravel Family, RI

Primate Zookeeper Michelle Reports

We have been very grateful that the weather has been mild so far! The primates are loving it! Tanzie, our toddler chimpanzee has discovered “rolling” and “somersaults”! She’s discovered that if she starts at the top of her hill, she can roll longer and faster all the way down.  She does get dizzy at the bottom, but runs right up to do it again! Check out our Facebook post to see a short video of her rolling skills! The new siamang exhibit is well under way and the Siamangs just arrived! They are inside a new winter enclosure where it is nice and warm.  We have a wonderful family unit with a mom, dad, and 2 year old!  The toddler reminds us of Tanzie with the playful demeanor and curiosity! They’ve adjusted very well to their new home and are doing great!  We’ve also had a pair of Red Ruffed Lemurs arrive and they are so beautiful and have lots of personality! They are doing great also.  We can’t wait to see what is next and share them with you when we open next season! We are looking for donations of blankets, sheets, towels, and toys for the Holidays (used is fine)! Thank You  (Below Mama, Papa, & Toddler Siamang)

Primate Keeper Michelle reports

We’ve had a couple of monkeys born within the last 2 months, the babies and moms are doing great!  The Chimps and Mandrills love the snow!  Today was their first real taste of snow for the season, they like to come out and check it out then go back in where it is warm!! We’re looking for donations of blankets, towels, and sheets for the primates.  The chimps epecially love to walk around and wrap themselves in blankets! We’re also looking for a radio/cd player…they love music!  The hoofstock keepers are looking for a push broom, buckets, and feed pans from Nasco….we’ll take anything new or used! We’d like to thank everyone for their donations and holiday wishes for the animals, we have much to be thankful for!  Happy Holidays!

Zookeeper’s Report

Zookeeper Michelle reports that the monkeys are loving the warm weather and Tanzie (baby chimp) is getting more and more independent and it is a lot of fun watching her play with her family. The Kangaroos love lazing in the sun all day and we love this picture of one our kangaroos taking her afternooon  nap.  Zookeeper Marianne reports that we’ve had a lot of baby goats born in the last few weeks and Pot Bellied piglets were born on Friday, June 11th! The lions are loving the sunshine!

Zookeeper’s Report

There have been a lot of babies born here at the zoo in the last few weeks.  The Bearded Pig babies can be found at the Earth Discovery Center during the day…they are so cute!  The baby chimpanzee has developed her teeth and her mom is starting to teach her how to walk!  The baby mandrill monkey is getting more adventurous!  He can be seen jumping off mom, playing, bouncing and being very much an active toddler!

Here are some pictures we’ve taken from the zookeeper’s eye…Schmidt’s Guenon Feeding Time, Baby Roo, and the Gold Bengal Tiger (they’re growing so fast!).

Zookeeper’s Report

The last few weeks have been really exciting here at the zoo, the babies are coming out more and are getting used to the people.  The primates are really social and love interacting with the visitors.  The big cats are loving the attention the humans provide and can be seen stalking and watching the visitors with keen interest.  The mommy chimp and baby have been out in their exhibit a lot lately due to the warm weather, such a sight to see…especially from the SkyFari sky ride!  We’d like to thank all of you who have dropped off donations or sent us donations through amazon.com….it is greatly appreciated!  Thanks Again!

Here are some pictures we’ve taken from the zookeepers eye…aoudad famlily, chimp baby, & gibbon.

Zookeeper Ruth Reports

We are really excited that spring is coming and we are getting the zoo ready for opening day.  For enrichment, we have been filling pvc pipes and wire boxes with food and hay for the animals to investigate and dig out.  Now that the snow is mostly gone we have been hiding food and treats for the animals to forage.  On the warmer days, the Big Cats can be seen lounging out in the sunshine and the leopard has been seen sprawled out on his highest tree limb. Here is a picture of the chimpanzees as they enjoy eating snow, settling down for a nap, a muntjac deer, and the coatimundi I took with my camera!

Primate Zookeeper Ruth & Michelle Report

It has been great watching the primates that like to go outside in the winter. If the weather is nice enough, the Chimpanzees, Mandrills, and Colobus Monkeys like to go outside.  Just after the last big snowfall, the male chimpanzee was trying to make his way outside towards his favorite tree.  He didn’t like getting his feet wet so he kept hopping from one foot to the other all the way to the tree!  It was such a funny sight and then one of our female chimpanzees followed in his exact footsteps!  How intelligent these animals are!