Zookeepers Report

The Zookeepers are pretty excited about the Animals & Pumpkins next week.  This is the first season that we will be open when the zookeepers give pumpkins to the animals and we’re all curious about what the animals will do with them! The zookeepers are asking for some fall produce donations for the animals for enrichment activities.  The zookeepers would like to thank everyone who have brought donations like blankets, toys, radios. etc. for the animals.   Cornstalks were donated by Whittier Farms last week and given to some of the animals.  The Mangabey monkeys ripped them apart, the capuchins played with them, some of the other animals tried to eat them…it was a great success! An African Crested Porcupine was born a couple of weeks ago and will spend some of his days at the Earth Discover Center when not with his foster family (momma porcupine wasn’t able to care for him).  He is so cute!