Zookeepers Report

We feel very lucky that all of the animals, staff, and zoo suffered little damage due to Tropical Storm Irene.  We’d like to thank everyone for their concern and really appreciate your support.  We had a lot of clean up in the exhibits and in the park itself.  Many of the animals enjoyed the leaves, twigs, and branches that fell!  The hoofstock like the Giraffe’s, Warthogs, Aoudads, Goats, etc. love to eat the leaves and the primates love to play with the sticks and pull the bark off the branches!  All of our animals were very secure and the storm didn’t phase them one bit! We’ve had a lot of new babies in the last month or so and we are excited as fall rolls around the corner with the arrival of our new White Rhinos!  They are on site…when they get acclimated to their enviornment and to us they will go out into their new habitat!  We are very excited!

These pictures we took after the storm…see the zebras and ostrich grazing as soon as the sun came out!

Zookeeper’s Report

The last few weeks have been really exciting here at the zoo, the babies are coming out more and are getting used to the people.  The primates are really social and love interacting with the visitors.  The big cats are loving the attention the humans provide and can be seen stalking and watching the visitors with keen interest.  The mommy chimp and baby have been out in their exhibit a lot lately due to the warm weather, such a sight to see…especially from the SkyFari sky ride!  We’d like to thank all of you who have dropped off donations or sent us donations through amazon.com….it is greatly appreciated!  Thanks Again!

Here are some pictures we’ve taken from the zookeepers eye…aoudad famlily, chimp baby, & gibbon.

Big Cat & Hoofstock Zookeeper Duane Reports

A baby Aoudad (Barbary Sheep) was born on January 2, 2009.  The Tigers (1 yr old) have been having a blast playing in the snow as it is their first winter able to go outdoors.  We’ve watched them pouncing, stalking, and wrestling in the the snow piles during the day.  They’re able to go inside when they get cold, but so far they are really enjoying going outside during the winter!