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The Simplicity of Creating Family Time

In today’s society, there’s no escaping technology.

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Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

We’re Looking for PUMPKINS for our Zoo Boo Days.  Pumpkin donations are greatly appreciated and our animals love them!  You can donate at the main entrance and please leave your name and address for a Thank You!

Taj enjoying her Pumpkin!

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Hands-On Learning: Bring the Zoo To You With Zoomobile

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The Best Time to Visit a Zoo

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Gearing up for Zoo Opening…Zookeeper report!

There is a lot of activity at the zoo this week.  We are opening on Saturday and it takes a zoo wide effort to make sure we are ready.  As Zookeepers, it is our job to see to all the animal habitats, transfer animals from their winter quarters to their summer habitats while documenting and adjusting to their physical, behavioral, and social needs.  Enrichment activities continue and we are always looking for some new ideas..we’d be happy to hear your enrichment suggestions. Some of our new animals have started to arrive and we are very excited.  The Brazilian tapirs have arrived and they are currently adjusting to their new home. We are not sure if they will be on exhibit right away…we’ll keep you posted.  Brazilian Tapirs are native to South America and a distant relative to the rhinocerous!  They are very good at diving and swimming.  They live along the water and will occasionally run into the water to evade predators. They can grow to 550 lbs and to around 6 feet in length!  Here at Southwick’s Zoo the capybaras and tapirs will be co-existing in an exhibit like in their native habitat!  Here is a sneak peek!

Southwick's Zoo welcomes Brazilian Tapirs.

Tapir's are here...sneak peek!