Zookeepers Report

Babies are being born here at Southwick’s Zoo!  Vervet Monkeys were born on December 29, 2009 and Jan 6, 2010.  Baby African Crested Porcupines were born on Jan 6, 2010, a Debrazza Monkey born November 15, 2009.  We’re still keeping a close watch on Patsy our Dromedary Camel….she is due to give birth this winter!  The Cats loved the last snowfall!  Some of our friends have asked us what we do with the alligator and tortoises in the winter?  We bring them indoors to the winter quarters housing for the animals that do not have proper indoor/outdoor enclosures.  The alligator enters a state of dormancy, kind of like a hibernation during the winter!  Here are some pictures of our recent babies!