A Sad day for us….

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful care you took of Leroy and all of your animals. We have been going to your zoo for 10 years now and it is the only zoo we go to. You do a wonderful job and we can see how much your love your animals. Although this is a difficult time, know that your patrons loved Leroy just as much as you. What a blessing LJ and Levanna are! Thank you Southwicks and Thank you Leroy!
    God Bless Leroy and enjoy that great big zoo in the sky!

  2. Very sad. Renu

  3. Marcia Young says:

    That is so Sad .. I loved to see Leroy and Savanna everytime I came for a visit.

    We will now have there babies to watch.

    RIP Leroy

  4. Ruth Schey says:

    Isn’t hard on Savannah to move her so quickly right after Leroy’s passing? Shouldn’t she have a few days to mourn and adjust? I love your zoo and visit it often. I was there yesterday and Savannah was very protective of Leroy. She knew he was leaving her soon. I just hope she will be given time to adjust and mourn because animals do hurt just like we do when they lose a mate.

  5. Jennifer S says:

    So sorry to hear about this magnificent guy. Just brought my kids last weekend and my 1 year old son was amazed by him! Babbled on to him for about 30 min. Rest in peace big guy

  6. Godspeed Leroy, you will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

  7. RIP Leroy, so happy we got to spend a whole day with you and so happy our daughter got to meet you, we will all miss you so VERY much!

    We can’t wait to watch LJ and Levanna grow even more than they already have!

    The McKay Family

  8. Sorry for your loss, he will be missed greatly. :(

  9. Jason Georgopoulos says:

    My condolences to all of you at the zoo. My family and I have season passes and visit several times a season. For me, my favorite is always seeing the lion and tiger. Most recently of course the cubs. See you next year!

  10. My heart breaks for this magnificent being. A lion king like no other. May you find peace in the heavenly jungle as you run wild and free. You could have had no better earthly home than Southwicks!!!!

  11. Leroy, a mighty king who graced our little corner of the world. RIP, sweet kitty!

  12. Marie Mendoza says:

    what a sad day for us all, aww so sorry for the loss of Leroy , breaks my heart ! I would surely go visit him when I went to the zoo, now the old guy has passed , I am so deeply sorry . he will be sadly missed , hugs

  13. Such a sad day for me. I’ve traveled from Martha’s Vineyard to Southwick many times, just to spend time with the big cats. Last year about this time I was diagnosed with Cancer and the big cat area was my “feel good” place to go to. I would Photograph them and spend all my time there. This particular trip (my last one for awhile) I took my mom with me and Leo actually went into a fit of roaring. As if to say to me to have courage as he does. So I did, I also captured the picture of him doing it at the website above. I have shared many pix of Leo with the zoo on facebook.RIP Leo and thank you for your spirit.

    • Southwick's Zoo says:

      That is such a sweet story, Carol. Thank you for sharing it with us. It’s nice to know that Leroy will live on in the thoughts of all of his biggest fans.

  14. Kay Broadbent says:

    Thank you Leroy!

  15. Belinda Mazur says:

    Leroy… your beauty and grace, as a lion… is like no other creature I have known. I am sure you are roaring in heaven. You are loved and will be missed.

  16. A true king… he had a wonderful life because of you ! Thank you for providing a great home for your animals

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