The SkyFari Sky Ride

One of the many great views from SkyFari Sky Ride at Southwick's Zoo, Mendon, MASouthwick's Zoo - SkyFari Sky RideThe SkyFari Sky Ride was a great addition to Southwick’s Zoo in 2008.  While on the SkyFari Sky Ride, visitors can enjoy the Zoo from new heights!

See the zoo from a whole new perspective from SkyFari Sky Ride!

View the Zoo from new Heights!

The Skyfari Sky Ride takes you over Deer Forest, then up close to the Chimp Exhibit, onward as you “fly” over the Mandrills, and soar over the Camels and Watusi. As you make your descent to unload, look down ….you can’t miss going right over the alligator!

The SkyFari Sky Ride is an experience not to be missed. Best of all, all you need to do while on the SkyFari Sky Ride is sit back and enjoy the beauty around you!


Skyfari Sky Ride takes 2 ride tickets or you can pay $5.00 per person at the ride.

Children must meet the height requirement of 42″ tall to ride the Skyfari Sky Ride. Children must ride with a person 13 years of age or older. The Skyfari Sky Ride chair seats two adults comfortably, two adults with one small child (must be 42″ tall to ride), or two children with one adult. The Skyfari Sky Ride operator reserves the right to assign seating based on safety guidelines. The SkyFari Sky Ride is a 15 minute round-trip ride.

Check out the American Alligator from the SkyFari!

Go right over the American Alligator!

View the Zebra on the African Plains from the SkyFari!

View the African Plains from the Skyfari!

If you would like to view & print our complete 2014 Zoo Pricing sheet,  click here for downloadable pdf.