Live Animal Presentations

The EARTH Discovery Center

The EARTH Discovery Center (located across from the chimpanzee habitat) is EARTH Ltd’s home base located at Southwick’s Zoo provides environmental and conservation educational presentations with an emphasis on animal ecology, endangered species and threatened habitats. EARTH’s live presentations feature a number of species such as birds, lizards, snakes, and small mammals. To see a full list of the animals found in the EARTH Discovery Center click HERE.

This blue and gold macaw is one of the many education animals you will see in EARTH's presentations.

This blue and gold macaw is one of the many education animals you will see in EARTH’s presentations.

EARTH Performs Three Shows:

  •     Remarkable Reptiles (1:00pm)
  •     Amazing Adaptations (2:00pm)
  •     Fur, Feathers & Scales (3:00pm)

May, June, September and October
-Saturday & Sunday:
1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm
Times are posted at the EARTH Discovery Center or you can call 1-800-258-9182 ext 208

July and August
-7 Days a week:
1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm


Be sure to go inside the EARTH Discovery Center after the show to get an even closer look EARTH’s animal ambassadors! You can also learn more about EARTH memberships and ask the staff all of your animal questions!

Baby alligator in the EARTH Discovery Center.

This baby alligator is one of the many animals you can see inside the EARTH Discovery Center.

Tegu in the EARTH building

Another of EARTH’s reptiles is this black and white tegu.

Inside the EARTH Discovery Center

Visit our newly renovated EARTH Discovery Center!

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Presentations may be cancelled in the event of inclement weather and are subject to change without notice. 

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