Group Field Trips

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 We are closed for the season.
Thank you to everyone who visited the zoo this year! We will re-open in April 2015.

Reserve your 2014 Group Trip to Southwick’s Zoo Today!

Have you seen our new cotton top tamarins? They are one of the many amazing and beautiful animals here at Southwick’s Zoo.

Southwick’s Zoo is “Hotspot” for Field Trips and Groups! Field trips here are the perfect way to see (and learn about) some incredible animals in a large, safe, and fun environment.

Call 800-258-9182 x 501 to reserve!
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Field Trip / Group Rates are offered to Schools, Daycares, Summer Programs, Scouts, Associations, and non-profits.

  • The 2014 Group Rate is $9.75 per person for adults and children ages 3+. Everyone pays the same rate!
  • The minimum to qualify for the group rate is 20 people (ages 3+).*
  • Group Trips must be booked two weeks in advance through our group sales department to qualify for the discounted rate. Please have a date, arrival time, departure time, mailing address, phone number, email address, and how many people expected. Call 800-258-9182 x 501 to book.
  • All members of your trip must arrive together, enter together, and one person in charge to make payment for the entire group.  Cash or Credit Card is preferred but we will accept bank or corporate checks.
  • Students ARE NOT allowed to bring backpacks and bags into the zoo, ONLY chaperones may have backpacks. Chaperones will be hand stamped so they can exit and re-enter the zoo to get lunches from the bus.
  • We offer discounts on the Woodland Express Train ride when booking a group! Also be sure to inquire about Group Lunch options.
  • Groups can bring their own picnic lunch (please no lunch boxes or glassware…bag lunch only). We have numerous picnic areas throughout the park.  Chaperones will be hand stamped so they can exit and re-enter the zoo to get lunches from the bus.
  • First Aid supplies can be found at the main entrance and all concession buildings for your use.
  • If you would like to request a complimentary educational presentation to coincide with your curriculum, please inquire when booking your trip with group sales.
  • For Zoomobiles, which travel to schools, libraries, etc., please call the EARTH Discovery Center at 800-258-9182 x 209.

*Don’t qualify for group rate because you do not meet the minimum of 20 people OR you are a large family or a group of friends that want to visit together?  Don’t worry, you can purchase Family Fun Paks at the main entrance for a great discount on admission for groups of under 20 people!