Petting Zoo

IMG_5261Visit our petting zoo to pet and feed our herd of pygmy goats! These small playful goats are favorites here and this attraction is not to be missed. In this area you can also see our Vietnamese pot-bellied pig (and sometimes piglets!) and  alpacas. When in the petting zoo please follow the rules and treat our animals with respect. Goats may be overly playful, so always be careful when interacting with them.


Petting Zoo Rules

  • Children MUST be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • DO NOT pick up any of the goats.
  • Please only feed goats the food available in the petting zoo. DO NOT feed them the deer forest grain or any outside food. Please do not try to feed them any non-food objects.
  • If a goat does not want to be pet or fed, please do not chase or harass them.