New Additions to the Zoo!

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Come and meet our new Family!  Two – toed sloths!  Now on exhibit is a family of three who we are so excited about!  They are located next to the chimpanzee habitat!  Sloths are amazing creatures who do everything upside down!

Meet Mom, Dad & Baby!

Meet Mom, Dad & Baby!


  1. Cathy Downs says:

    Good evening – my daughter who is 19 years old is planning to travel to the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, hopefully next year to do a volunteer internship – is there any chance she would be able to feed and/or meet your new Sloth family if we were to travel to your Zoo?

    Thank you

  2. Nancy White says:

    I absolutely LOVE Sloths!!! can they be touched????

    • Southwick's Zoo says:

      We’re glad to hear that you are excited about our new sloth exhibit, Nancy! We ask that you do not touch any of our animals unless otherwise instructed by a zoo staff member or if they are in our petting zoo.

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