How to Win Fan of the Week

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Ever wondered how we choose the Fan of the Week on Facebook?

We don’t just choose any fan to have their week in the spotlight – you have to earn it… No need to worry though, that part is easy. All you have to do is be active on our Page. It’s really that simple!

What does ‘Being Active’ Include?

Being active on Facebook is actually very easy and only takes a minute or so. Here are some great ways to help you become our next Fan of the Week!

  • Like wall posts or pictures.
  • Comment on our posts.
  • Post fun and interesting things on our Wall.
  • Share posts.
  • Tag us in your posts on your own Wall.
  • Upload pictures of your latest visit – we always love to see them!

The more you interact, the more likely you are to be chosen as our Fan of the Week. In short, if you’re on our minds, then you’ll probably be on our Facebook Banner.
Please note that we must be able to see your beautiful face in your Profile Picture in order to become our next Fan of the Week

What’s In It for Me?

We want to reward you for helping our Facebook Community grow, so not only will you be awarded with a week of fame on our Page, but you’ll also receive a FREE ticket to visit the zoo!

What Happens Once I Am Chosen?

We usually choose the Fan of the Week every Tuesday and will announce the win through a status on our Facebook Wall. We will also attempt to send a private message to the winner. If you have won and are having trouble finding the message, make sure you look in the ‘Other’ section of your Facebook Inbox.

Good Luck!


  1. Tina Opatka says:

    My family and I absolutely love Southwicks! We’ve always made it a point to go ever year late spring. It’s actually been 2-3 years since we’ve been back. Missing the elephant rides! I’ve got pics a few times we’ve gone. That’s like our ritual for us. Hopefully we can make a day of fun this year with all our animal friends!

  2. Hollianna Telles says:

    I can’t wait to go! I’ve never been and always have wanted to. I already put it on my places to visit for the summer. Now with a chance to win a ticket is even more exciting!

  3. My friends and I just went to Southwick Zoo during New Hampshire school vacation. This was the first time that we have ever gone. My friends have an 8 year old and I have a 4,10 and 14 year old. I cannot say enough how much we loved it. The kids are still talking about the monkeys. We go to Yorks Wild Kingdom every year and this zoo has by far beaten that zoo. Keep up the great work that u do. It was an amazing day and we all cannot wait till we come and visit again…Thank u for the memories!!! :)

  4. Sharon Johnston says:

    Hello, we love bringing the family and our extended family to enjoy a whole entire day at the zoo. We have lots fun and enjoy every minute of our day. We also enjoy havig a picinic lunch in the shade and getting some ice cream. My children both love the camel ride. I remember when they have the elephant rides years ago when I use to bring my nieces. Its been a family tradition and going to the zoo and remember how many generations that have been going to the zoo.! We would love to win tickets to the zoo

  5. Carolyn Campbell says:

    I grew up in Ma and NH and came and visited your zoo for the first time when I was just a little one. I came with my mom and auntie. I now just moved back to MA after living on the west coast and would love nothing better than to bring my adult children and my grand baby. I remember you all had the cleanest place and the friendliest of staff. My last visit there was when my oldest son was just 5 years old and he is now 24 and having his own child after having been in the Army.

  6. My husband I used to take our children every year while they were growing up. This began in the mid-80′s, and now we take our niece and nephew. This is the first summer in years that we didn’t go, and we missed it! It’s a great place to spend the day! We hope to bring our future grandchildren, and are already looking forward to it.

  7. Mr. Dana M. Sion says:

    I was Fan of The week from Sept. 5th this past week but looked all over and in the “other” area of my FB E-mail and can not find the E-mail from South Wicks zoo.

    • Southwick's Zoo says:

      Hey Dana, so sorry for the late reply! I think someone from the Zoo was able to call you and get everything sorted out, correct? Hope you were able to enjoy your prize! Thanks for being such an awesome fan! :)

  8. Linda Morell says:

    My daughter and I usually visit Southwicks a minimum of three times a summer. We used to love the elephant show with Dondie, we miss her since her death. We have a picture of my daughter and I having a ride on her the year before she passed away. My favorite exhibits are the Giraffe , the Lions, and the tigers. We always have to take the train ride before we leave for home. I can’t believe another season has passed. Looking forward to coming back next summer.

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