Happy Holidays from the Zookeepers

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Enrichment is an important aspect of caring for animals in captivity. This keeps animals happy and healthy by encouraging natural behaviors and providing mental and physical stimulation. Enrichment can be provided in a variety of ways including: the design of the habitat, novel smells (this past year we discovered that our rhinos are very into cologne), food and foraging activities, and objects for the animal to interact with. Our zookeepers provide an array of enrichment year round. Around the holidays we like to get creative, so below are a few examples of how our animals enjoyed their own holiday festivities this year!

Pickles is an African crested porcupines who is often used for EARTH‘s education programs. Our staff made him a Christmas tree with some very tasty ornaments. His tree was adorned with fruits and veggies as well as popcorn, cranberry, and bamboo garland.

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Our avian team made sure the birds didn’t miss out on the holiday festivities!

birds xmas birds xmas2 birds xmas3







Our primate keepers gave the chimpanzees Santa hats to play with. Hilarity ensured naturally. Check out the short video of Tanzie with her Santa hat…she mostly figured it out.


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