Happy Birthday Tanzie!

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Our youngest chimpanzee, Tanzie, turned 6 years old last week on March 6th. We waited celebrated her big day yesterday since it was finally sunny out!

Last year we made paper mache balloons and gift boxes stuffed with assorted treats. This year our zookeepers surprised Tanzie, and the other chimps as well, with snowmen decorated with a  variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Enrichment such as this is an important aspect of caring for animals in captivity. It helps to keep them active both mentally and physically. It also encourages natural behaviors such as foraging in this case. Enrichment is not only beneficial to our animals, but our zookeepers enjoy it as well! It gives them the opportunity to get creative and have some fun.

Check out the photos below to see our staff building the snowmen and the chimps having a blast searching for treats!









IMG_3641 IMG_3651






















IMG_3673 IMG_3681






IMG_3677 IMG_3680






IMG_3686 IMG_3689

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