Spotted Hyena

Our Spotted Hyena, found at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MA

Where to find the Spotted Hyena (besides Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA!)
Spotted Hyena Facts
Spotted Hyena
Crocuta crocuta

Life Span
Wild: 19 years
Captivity: 25 years
34-59 inches
Average Weight
110-190 lbs
Group Name
Group Size
up to 80
Name of Young

Our Spotted Hyena, found at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MAFacts

  • Hyenas are a large carnivorous mammal found in Africa. They are dog-like in appearance, however they are more closely related to cats.
  • They live in complex social groups called clans. Clans are matriarchal and dominated by the females which are generally larger and more aggressive than the males of this species.
  • Hyenas are often thought of as scavengers. However, they are strong and fast and can work as a group to take down medium to large prey. Hyenas also have keen eyesight and can see at night.
  • They are very vocal and are often associated with laughing. Hyenas make a wide range of vocalizations including whoops, grunts, and groans in order to communicate.
  • Currently, hyenas are considered common, however this could change. Drought may have drastic effects on the food chain.

Did You Know?

Hyenas have powerful jaws with which they can easily crush bone. Their bite can exert as much as 100 lbs of pressure per square inch. They are able to eat difficult to digest (for most animals) bits such as bones, skin, and hair.