Sika Deer

Our Sika Deer, found at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MA

Where to find the Sika Deer (besides Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA!)
Sika Deer Facts
Sika Deer
Cervus nippon

Life Span
Wild: 15-18years
Captivity: 25 years
20-37 inches
Average Weight
66-150 lbs
Group Name
Group Size
Name of Young

Our Sika Deer, found at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MAFacts

  • Sika deer are from eastern Asia, although they have been introduced to other places such as New Zealand and Europe. The largest population of Sika Deer is in Japan. However, in other regions such as Korea, they are no longer as common as they once were.
  • They are one of the few species of deer that have spots as adults. The pattern of their spots and the color of their coat vary by region. They can range from mahogany brown to black and sometimes white.
  • Male sika deer are very territorial especially during the “Rut” or mating season. They tend to keep harems of females. Males mark their territory by urinating in a “scrape” (shallow pit). The musky odor wards off others.
  • Males have antlers than can be from 11-30 inches in length. Females do not have antlers, but do have black bumps where they would be.

Did You Know?

In the city of Nara, Japan they are also called “Bowing Deer”. The sika deer in Nara have learned to bow their heads for food. There are many vendors in this city that sell biscuits for visitors to feed the deer.