Dromedary Camel

Our Dromedary Camel, found at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MA

Where to find the Dromedary Camel (besides Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA!)
Dromedary Camel Facts
Dromedary Camel
Camelus dromedaries

Life Span
40-50 years
6-7 feet
Average Weight
1320-2200 lbs
Group Name
Group Size
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Our Dromedary Camel, found at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MAFacts

  • Dromedary camels have a single hump. Their hump does not store water, but it is actually full of fat which can be broken down and used for energy when food is not readily available. They can drink up 20 gallons of water at a time, and the water is stored in their blood stream.
  • Camels were domesticated around 1400 BC and are often referred to as “The Ships of the Desert”. They were used by nomads to transport goods across the desert.
  • Males have a soft palate, an area of soft tissue in the back of the mouth, which is inflatable. It is used to attract females and display to other males.
  • Camels are well adapted to living in dry sandy habitats. They have two large split toes to help walk over sand without sinking, an overhanging top lip, long eyelashes and ear fur to protect themselves from blowing sand.

Did You Know?

Dromedary camels no longer exist in their original home range, and they have all been domesticated. However, they were successfully introduced to Australia and there are now about 300,000 dromedary camels living wild there.