Chilean Flamingo

Our Chilean Flamingo, found at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MA

Where to find the Chilean Flamingo (besides Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, MA!)
Chilean Flamingo Facts
Chilean Flamingo
Phoenicopterus chilensis

Life Span
Wild: 20-30 years
Captivity: 50 years
42 inches tall
Average Weight
4.2-6.6 lbs
Group Name
Group Size
Name of Young

Our Chilean Flamingo, found at Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MAFacts

  • Chilean flamingos are pale pink and have long spindly legs. They are from South America and inhabit shallow wetlands and lagoons.
  • Their bill has special comb-like structures to filter food out of the water. They mainly eat small invertebrates like shrimp and plankton.
  • They build cylindrical nests and typically lay a single egg in the depression on top. Chicks can vocalize before they even hatch so they can form an early bond with their mother.
  • Chicks are born with grey feathers. They are fed with a substance called “crop-milk”. This is a  nutritionally dense, milk-like liquid produced from a gland in their parents’ upper intestinal tracts.
  • Flamingo flocks can number in the thousands. Parents can locate their chick in the colony based on voice recognition.

Did You Know?

Flamingos are well known for being bright pink. This is the result of their diet. Many of the invertebrates they eat, particularly shrimp, have high keratin content. Flamingos that eat a more keratin rich diet will have more vibrant coloration.