Zookeeper Report Baby Yak Born


Just as the zoo opened on June 26, 2013 our female Yak was in labor!  Some of our very lucky visitors witnessed the birth of the Baby Yak…a very special experience!  Momma and baby are doing great and are under our watch.  Yaks are very hearty animals and the baby stood to nurse right away.  In the heat that we have been experiencing we have taken special precautions with cooling down animals under our care and providing extra shade!  It takes a lot of teamwork and diligence to make sure every animal is safe and comfortable in the heat….especially mommas and new babies!  To be honest, animals do handle the heat much better than us humans!!!  Stay hydrated and safe in the heat everyone…and if you are visiting the zoo; take advantage of our mist tents and drink plenty of water!  We have a lot of shade in the park so we are very lucky!

Zookeeper Report 6/22/13


You may have noticed our peacocks roaming around the zoo.  Many of our guests have commented “Your Peacock escaped the zoo!”  This is because they have free range on our entire zoo property including inside and outside the zoo!  They especially love to posture and display in the zoo parking lot first thing in the morning right next to the entrance doors and you may find them many times there late afternoon as people leave for the day!  Their plumage is full at this time of year and they will start to drop the feathers as the summer winds down.  They display mainly for mating purposes but sometimes they will display to intimidate to appear bigger when startled.  Our peacocks enjoy roosting on top of our entrance building…so look up when you enter.  They love to give out a loud call early mornings and throughout the day.  Our peacocks especially love windows, mirrors or shiny surfaces where they can see and peck at themselves!  We do ask that you please do not chase them as this is their home and if you’re lucky you may see them walking right through the entrance building…they think they own the place!

Zookeeper Report 6/7/13

Cheetahs have come to Southwick's Zoo

Cheetahs have come to Southwick’s Zoo

Cheetahs have come to Southwick’s Zoo!  Soon you will be able to meet Kate and Logan who are 1 1/2 yr old cheetahs who have come to us from another facility.  We are very excited to have them here and we are in the process of building an exhibit for them to be ready soon.  Cheetahs are amazing creatures and they are already here off exhibit waiting for their new home to be ready.  They are very even tempered animals and they are built for strength, speed and agility….and are incredibly beautiful!  We are so happy to have them as a new addition to the zoo!

New Additions to the Zoo!

Come and meet our new Family!  Two – toed sloths!  Now on exhibit is a family of three who we are so excited about!  They are located next to the chimpanzee habitat!  Sloths are amazing creatures who do everything upside down!

Meet Mom, Dad & Baby!

Meet Mom, Dad & Baby!

Zookeeper Report…Happy Mother’s Day!

Tanzie hanging on her MoM!

Since Mother’s Day is this weekend we wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to our friends and family.  We are amazed each day by our animal moms and surrogate moms here at the zoo.  Tabitha is an amazing MOM to Tanzie….even when Tanzie does not leave her alone! Auntie Jingles is also a great mom to Tanzie.  On Mother’s Day, our moms will get a special treat!  We have a lot of new babies here at the zoo including monkeys, aoudads, goats, kangaroos, sheep and so many more to come too! We are asking for large cat boomer balls www.boomerballs.com for our lion cubs as a donation if anyone would like to make a donation to the animals!  Thank You!

Zookeeper Report…Help Us

She needs a name!

We are looking for a meaningful name for the female lion cub.  When you visit the zoo, stop by Parakeet Landing before 4pm to submit a name.  She is a very intelligent, resourceful and playful alpha female.  We are looking for a name that has a great meaning and will fit her personality.  Her brother has been named L.J. after his father Leroy.  Help Us….the person who submits the winning name will receive 2 general admission tickets to the zoo and a lion plush animal.

Zookeeper Report

Kya taking in scent!

We are working hard getting the animals into their summer exhibits.  The weather has been a little chilly so some of our birds and monkeys will have to stay inside for a little bit…but it is getting warmer each day so we are able to bring out more animals each day!  The lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos, chimpanzees, deer forest, kangaroos and so many more are already out! This picture of Kya our bengal tiger is catching a scent…hmm could it be our visitors perhaps?  Come on down for a visit…the animals are waiting for you!

Zookeeper Report – Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys!

Babies are being born!

This Grivet was born on January 15, 2013 and more babies are being born at Southwick’s Zoo all the time!  We’ve recently had a Schmidt’s Guenon born on March 21, 2013 and a Ring Tailed Lemur on March 10th.  Grivets are very active monkeys and moms are know to “share” their babies.  Females will care for each other’s young, called allomothering.  Here at Southwick’s Zoo, many times you will see siblings pull each other’s tail, jumping around, playing chase and of course, annoying their moms!  They are such a fun and active group and we are happy to share them with you.


Zookeeper Report on Eagle Owls

Eagle Owl having Breakfast!

Feeding time for the Eurasian Eagle Owl is always interesting ….and cool!  We have a pair (male and female) owls.  The female is larger than the male and more aggressive.  She will swoop down and grab her prey from either on the ground or in the air before the male.  The male is more shy and will wait to feed.  The Eagle Owl is quite large and can swallow their prey whole since they cannot chew their food.  They have a really neat digestive system that will regurgitate the remains of the prey after they get the nutrition from the food in the form of owl pellets.  Owl Pellets have the fur and full bone remains of the prey.  You can see some owl pellets in the Earth Discovery Center!

Zookeeper Report…Tigers at Play

Kya and Taj, sisters at play


We thought it would be great to share a picture of our Bengal tigers, Kya and Taj at play.  Kya and Taj are sisters and came to us as cubs from World Wildlife Zoo in Phoenix, AZ!  As you can see they have adapted to our New England weather and enjoy playtime out in the snow.  Like many animals, they love fresh snow and can be seen pouncing on each other during playtime!