Charmed by Charity Event

Alex & Ani Weybosset in Providence, RI recently held a Charmed by Charity event for EARTH Ltd. in their store. 15% of the sales that evening went to EARTH! We brought along two of our kangaroos: Addie, an adult female we use for our education programs, and Rufus, a male joey our staff is currently caring for! EARTH Ltd. is an environmental education nonprofit that provides us with educational programs here at Southwick’s Zoo. These include junior zookeeping, Wild Adventure Summer Programs, internships, ZooMobiles,  and more! This organization does a lot for us and our visitors, so we offer a year of free admission to members of EARTH Ltd. We definitely suggest looking into becoming an EARTH member and supporting such a good cause!


Here are a few photos from the Alex & Ani event.

Alex & Ani Weybosset store in Providence, RI.

Alex & Ani Weybosset store in Providence, RI.

Addie enjoyed some attention at the Alex & Ani fundraiser.


Tim feeding Rufus the red kangaroo joey.

Tim feeding Rufus the red kangaroo joey.

Rufus at the Alex & Ani fundraiser.

Rufus at the Alex & Ani fundraiser.

Baby Giraffe Born at Southwick’s Zoo

On Saturday January 11, 2014 we welcomed an amazing little female giraffe “Daisy” to the Southwick’s Zoo family.  However, right off our veterinarian realized that Daisy needed some immediate attention.  Her mother Dotty was not taking an interest in the 150 lb, 6 foot baby and she was getting lethargic and weak.  He made the decision to take her to the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine where she would get the specialized care she needed.  The first few days were very touch and go as she had a low white blood cell count and fighting an infection.  We are happy to report that each day she is getting stronger and hopefully will be back with us soon.



Zoo is Closed but will Open on April 12, 2014

We may be Closed for the Season and will reopen on April 12, 2014, but we are currently booking field trips, zoomobiles and birthday parties for 2014.

 field trip postcard front (2)

A Sad day for us….


Thank you Cindy, Kathy, Paul & All Docents!

Southwick’s Zoo would like to THANK Cindy Wilson, Kathy Morgan, Paul Wilson and all the Zoo Docents for their hard work & dedication while sharing their valuable time with Southwick’s Zoo.  They have provided a great service for Zoo Education and to Southwick’s Zoo and we appreciate all they have done this year.  Great Job Everyone and Thank You!