Great photo sent in from Jeanne Wadsworth

Jeanne Wadsworth took this wonderful picture during our first week of the 2009 season! We just love this photo!

Robbins Family Enjoys the Petting Zoo

This was my granddaughter’s first trip to the zoo and she loved it. She really enjoyed the petting zoo with the baby goats. She also went on her first swing in the playground and had a blast! Thank you for a wonderful day!” / Robbins Family, Millville MA

K. Smith Learns About the Baby Tiger!

I love Southwick’s Zoo. I was lucky to visit on a special day where we learned about the baby tiger. It takes a lot of work to care for a tiger and we learned a lot about how important it is to protect our earth. Thank you Southwick’s Zoo and I can’t wait to visit again!” /K. Smith, 9 yrs old

Gravel Family Loves SkyFari Ride!

We love the Skyfari Sky Ride. We were able to see a lot of animals, but the chimpanzees were our favorite. A great addition to your Zoo ! / Gravel Family, RI