Happy Birthday Tanzie!

Our youngest chimpanzee, Tanzie, turned 6 years old last week on March 6th. We waited celebrated her big day yesterday since it was finally sunny out!

Last year we made paper mache balloons and gift boxes stuffed with assorted treats. This year our zookeepers surprised Tanzie, and the other chimps as well, with snowmen decorated with a  variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Enrichment such as this is an important aspect of caring for animals in captivity. It helps to keep them active both mentally and physically. It also encourages natural behaviors such as foraging in this case. Enrichment is not only beneficial to our animals, but our zookeepers enjoy it as well! It gives them the opportunity to get creative and have some fun.

Check out the photos below to see our staff building the snowmen and the chimps having a blast searching for treats!









IMG_3641 IMG_3651






















IMG_3673 IMG_3681






IMG_3677 IMG_3680






IMG_3686 IMG_3689

Help us celebrate 50 years!

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We are celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year! Help us relive 50 years of zoo memories by sharing your favorite zoo photos from over the years. We plan on posting them here on our website as well as Facebook, videos, and other media.

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Winter Photos

We hope everyone’s year is off to a good start. Winters are busy here at the zoo and we have some great things in store for 2015.

The most frequent question we get this time of year is”Where do your animals go in the winter?” They actually all stay here at the zoo. We have a number of heated buildings so the animals stay warm and comfortable all winter long. Some of our animals, however, actually enjoy the snow and cold weather. Here are a few Winter photos from this winter so far.



IMG_3480 IMG_3486 IMG_3488

DSC_5048 DSC_5052 DSC_5053 DSC_5056 DSC_5061 DSC_5068

Happy Holidays from the Zookeepers

Enrichment is an important aspect of caring for animals in captivity. This keeps animals happy and healthy by encouraging natural behaviors and providing mental and physical stimulation. Enrichment can be provided in a variety of ways including: the design of the habitat, novel smells (this past year we discovered that our rhinos are very into cologne), food and foraging activities, and objects for the animal to interact with. Our zookeepers provide an array of enrichment year round. Around the holidays we like to get creative, so below are a few examples of how our animals enjoyed their own holiday festivities this year!

Pickles is an African crested porcupines who is often used for EARTH‘s education programs. Our staff made him a Christmas tree with some very tasty ornaments. His tree was adorned with fruits and veggies as well as popcorn, cranberry, and bamboo garland.

10337703_766828093352749_1088987067109323279_n 10407817_766828083352750_8431455867701494251_n 10881502_766828150019410_7676847015852609309_n










Our avian team made sure the birds didn’t miss out on the holiday festivities!

birds xmas birds xmas2 birds xmas3







Our primate keepers gave the chimpanzees Santa hats to play with. Hilarity ensured naturally. Check out the short video of Tanzie with her Santa hat…she mostly figured it out.


12 Days of Christmas

There are only a few short weeks until Christmas! Our gift shop, the Purple Peacock, is open daily from 10am-4pm , so come get some holiday shopping done! We have a very unique assortment of gifts available in addition to zoo souvenirs. We have imported items, jewelry, tons of plush, alpaca wools sweaters, and much much more.

We also have the our annual 12 Days of Christmas sale coming up! Check out the calendar below for sale dates!



12 days of christmas calendar

Cyber Monday – Half Off Zoo Tickets Online


Purchase your zoo tickets online and save some cash on December 1st! Our popular Cyber Monday offer is back again this year, and we’re offering 50% off general admission and combo tickets (admission + unlimited mechanical rides) for 2015 purchased online.

Click HERE to buy tickets online.

*This offer is only available for tickets purchased online. It only applies to general and combo admission. It does not apply towards Fun Paks or EARTH Memberships.

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas at the Purple Peacock

The zoo’s main grounds are closed for the season, our gift shop, the Purple Peacock, remains open daily (excluding Thanksgiving) up until Christmas. The Purple Peacock offers a wide selection of unique gifts, so stop by to do some holiday shopping!

The gift shop’s 12 Days of Christmas starts on Saturday December 13! Each day from 12/13-12/24 we’ll have a different sale. Check out the calendar below for more info!

12 days of christmas calendar

November and December Events

We are closing for the season on October 31. Thank you to everyone who visited the zoo this year! We hope to see you all again next Spring. Our main grounds will be closed, however there are still things to do here through November!zebras for website

  • The Purple Peacock Gift Shop will be open until Christmas 10am-4pm…perfect for holiday shopping!
  • Open House at the Purple Peacock will be November 15 & 16 10am-4pm. There will be refreshments and some great sales, so come do some holiday shopping!
  • The Purple Peacock will also start their 12 Days of Christmas sales in December.
  • The African Plains will viewable on the side adjacent to the zoo’s entrance. You’ll be able to see our ostriches, water buffalo, and zebras! We currently have a VERY cute baby zebra…
  • There will be a free petting zoo on weekends 11am-3pm through November (weather permitting)
  • The Skyfari sky ride will be operating on weekends 11am-3pm through November (weather permitting)

Purple Peacock Open until Christmas